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A mixed client/SixFoisSept team created a proof of concept to identify the best data visualization tool.

Image Choice of data visualization tool

Choice of data visualization tool

Context: Media

Tool: SAS Viya

Methodology: Agile/Rapid Result


Over and above the standard challenges involved in the publication of reports at different stages of development, we needed to supply the most appropriate solution for our client’s situation and existing application environment.

We short-listed a number of commercially available solutions and recommended that our DataLab be used for full-scale testing of the various tools.

The solution had to allow recurrent reporting processes to be automated while leaving analysts free to explore and enhance the data.

Following completion of the proof of concept within our Data Lab, we recommended the SAS/Viya platform, as this single platform could be used for a variety of purposes.

The project was completed in a Rapid Result format using agile methodology.

Image  Customer knowledge

Customer knowledge

A new customer-centric approach was made possible by the adoption of a comprehensive data visualization tool. Right from the start of this project, analysis circuits were used to optimize new product launches, risk appetite scores, customer behaviour analysis and customer segmentation.

The tool enabled new product offerings to be tested before being moved into large-scale production. This kind of testing allows for rapid decision-making with regard to the viability of products, thereby optimizing R&D costs.

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