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Feedback about Artificial Intelligence and Data4Good.

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Image Our expertise in the fields of Data and Health helps fight cancer

Our expertise in the fields of Data and Health helps fight cancer

Context: Data4Good – Hospitals

Tools: SAS Viya/Machine Learning & Text Analytics

Methodology: Agile/Rapid Results


Ethical to the core:

Right from its inception, the SixFoisSept project was founded on several key pillars, the most important of which is ‘Ethical Data’ or Data4Good. The underlying idea is to use our data skills (data science, data visualization, AI…)  to help causes which we think are worthwhile.

Data4Good and our partners

We have been working for many years on cancer research projects. So, it was only natural that we suggested to the network of French Comprehensive Cancer Centres that we work in tandem with one of our long-standing partners: SAS France. SAS is heavily involved in many Data4Good projects.

Image  Predicting inpatient length-of-stay

Predicting inpatient length-of-stay

This project required us to predict the length-of-stay of patients before they entered hospital.

We perform a semantic analysis of medical reports. These reports chart the history of the present illness and comprise unstructured information going from a short note to a full medical record made up of dozens of documents.

We decide on the probable length of stay. The goal is to improve patient care. This all helps to facilitate inpatient reception and reduces the likelihood that reception and processing will be disorganized, adding to patients’ distress.

In order to do all this, we used the SAS Viya suite with VDMML Machine Learning tools and Visual Text Analytics (VTA).


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