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We hear this question all the time, so we thought that we ought to clarify our approach to hiring.

At SixFoisSept, we aim to be a little more than your average IT consulting firm!

Image IT consulting firms – temporary staffing companies: let’s stop blurring the lines between them!

IT consulting firms – temporary staffing companies: let’s stop blurring the lines between them!

‘Do you have a skills/values-based or project-based approach to your hiring process?’

Thursday 28th May 2020, Lorient, France, 6.30pm… a Data Scientist is taking part in a remote job interview. Him: ‘Do you have a project-based or a skills/values-based approach to hiring?’ He adds, ‘I’m only interested in a project-based approach’. … I’m mute in front of my microphone…where did I go wrong that I wasn’t able to convince him on the strength of our corporate vision…?! Today, almost 90% of job applicants ask us exactly the same question. And in 99.5% of cases, we reply: ‘our approach is skills/value-based’.

What a strange way of looking at things!

Although hiring on the basis of someone’s skills and values is something we do, since it’s our job to assist our clients navigate new, innovative fields with the help of our specialists and our Data Lab, to define our profession simply in terms of finding a match between short-term needs and skills is tantamount to stripping it of much of its richness and even its meaning. Our profession also incorporates R&D projects, consulting, innovation…!


At the same time, we also produce new solutions, develop innovative projects and pour our energy into inventing tomorrow’s world. At SixFoisSept, we put our intelligence, that of our partners, our knowledge and our expertise to use in our Data 4 Good projects.

We are building a people-focused venture that is about so much more than the short-term. We have striven to give SixFoisSept its own, distinctive identity – we’re in this for the long-haul!

If our team members only cared about the immediate project in hand, which by definition is time-limited, that would result in them neglecting our own corporate vision.

However, it’s this corporate vision that forms the very foundation of SixFoisSept.

We are building this people-focused venture around excellence in data and ethical approaches. It draws strength from the differences between and diversity of our team members and partners.


What if we were to change the world of IT services companies?

Changing the image of IT services companies isn’t a pipe-dream. It’s possible through SixFoisSept’s initiatives, not to mention those of some of our colleagues who share our values. Together, by pooling our efforts, we will succeed in promoting a corporate vision that’s ethical, innovative and exciting – and about so much more than the original assignment.

It’s simplistic to think that we are simply an intermediary linking a resource and a client need.

It’s up to us to join together, both in the wider group and particularly at SixFoisSept, and successfully attract new talent for a rather longer relationship than the 24 months maximum possible on a fixed term contract… and to use the vital driving force that is data to advance this fundamentally people-centred project!

At SixFoisSept we are convinced that our corporate vision enables us to work just as well in project mode as on a time and materials basis…

It’s up to us to really get you onboard with our corporate vision. It’s up to us all to change the perception of IT services companies so that it is a true reflection of our reality!

To talk more about this, feel free to contact us or apply to join our team