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A SixFoisSept consultant created a data visualization tool for decision support and oversight in relation to the programme of monitoring and inspection of MOT test centres.


Context: Monitoring MOT tests.

Tools: SAS 9x, SAS® Enterprise Guide/Microsoft Data visualization & VBA


Preparing the inspection

The aim of our work was to create a shared data visualization tool that would give inspectors access to factual data that could assist them in their inspections.

Inspectors of MOT test centres use worksheets containing data and statistics relating to the test centres to help them prepare for and perform their inspections to the best of their ability.

Supporting the monitoring process

The data was consolidated and aggregated from a variety of sources. Our experts then further consolidated the data involved, turning it into usable information.

The visualization of the worksheet data needed to be legible and easy to take in, as they would provide inspectors with information enabling the test centre being inspected to be compared with other test centres in the département or region.


Image Transparent, rapid data provision

Transparent, rapid data provision


These worksheets allow inspectors to draw on factual data, enabling audits to be carried out effectively and transparently. In an inspection/accreditation environment, we therefore designed a program that, as well as being rapidly deployable, had to be traceable, accurate and capable of transmitting reports almost instantaneously when required by the inspector.


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