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Our core values

Data shapes the world we live in. It can make the world a better place by embodying values like ethical behaviour and transparency.
This is SixFoisSept’s vision.

Image Manifesto


Appreciating data’s true worth means using technological excellence to advance positive moral values. We want to create honest, productive data enabling us to understand the world better to make it more efficient, safer, better and fairer. To do this, we take on gifted individuals and partners who share this vision.

Appreciating data’s true worth means giving it its rightful place – seeing it as a tool and a means to achieve greater ends. We are passionate about what we do and have high expectations of ourselves – we believe in coming up with solutions, rather than just explanations.é

Appreciating data’s true worth means not distorting it – having a reliable, honest approach to how we use data in our projects. It’s about cleaning, qualifying and enriching data to make the very most of it – without distorting it or tampering with it. If this means we end up lifting the lid on uncomfortable truths, then we will do so because honesty and transparency are important to us – we want to rebuild trust in our profession.

This is our vision. Why?

Because daring and creativity are what drive us on,

Because we refuse to leave questions unanswered,

Because we want to encourage healthy values.