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Here are the human beings behind the AI, who were there when SixFoisSept came into being and who continue to underpin everything we do

Image Erwan Prud’Homme – CEO and co-founder

Erwan Prud’Homme – CEO and co-founder

After having studied statistics at university, Erwan began his career in a statistical consulting firm in Montreal where he worked on forest valuation projections on a twenty year time-scale or the varying worth of pigs according to the colour of their meat. This first professional experience allowed him to hone his statistical skills. He then worked in a number of fields, including the pharmaceutical industry (marketing authorization applications) and retail banking (customer knowledge). He worked for SAS France for 5 years, being especially interested in Balanced Scorecard Data Visualization approaches. 

In 2005, he founded 13ii Conseil and worked in fields as diverse as marketing, customer knowledge and distributing management dasboards for a national sales network. After being bought by a large Paris-based firm in 2016, 13ii Conseil became this company’s data analytics arm.

In 2019, he co-founded SixFoisSept with Laurent Zeitoun. SixFoisSept is proud of its status as an ethical data consulting and artificial intelligence specialist that’s focused on customer knowledge and Data For Good.

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Image Laurent ZEITOUN – Co-founder

Laurent ZEITOUN – Co-founder

After graduating in IT studies from CNAM, followed by an Executive MBA from Paris Dauphine University, Laurent began his career in IT services and pharmaceutical laboratories where he cut his teeth on DATA projects (at the time the term ‘business intelligence’ was used…).

He was quickly so taken with the business of providing the right data to facilitate the right decisions in a user-friendly form that he set up his own company (ODESYS) in 1999. Over the course of 16 years, ODESYS helped its clients to monitor sales, green-light marketing authorization applications, detect fraudulent bank transactions and accurately calculate the likelihood of a customer paying off their loan…

Following the firm’s acquisition by a Paris-based company in 2015, Laurent ran this company’s data analytics arm, together with Erwan.

In 2019, he co-founded SixFoisSept (once again, with Erwan).

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Image Sophie Guerin – Head of Data Projects

Sophie Guerin – Head of Data Projects

A graduate of the ISUP (the Paris Institute of Statistics), Sophie’s early years as a data scientist were spent in the areas of healthcare and social security. 


She joined Erwan Prud’Homme’s team in 2017, becoming an official SAS France trainer. She manages complex projects such as aviation safety risk assessments and cancer patient pathway analyses.

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