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Who are we ?

Smart data specialists, we develop methodologies that are appropriate to your data estate. Our core team covers all aspects of data collection and processing. Using a variety of sources, we create a unified, durable data repository. We have created this data repository a view to working together with others, enabling every stakeholder to have a shared vision of the goals and the purpose behind the project. We will tailor your processes to this data repository.

Image An ethical firm

An ethical firm

SixFoisSept is a business that’s built on two fundamental principles – on one hand, technical excellence as regards data science methods and tools and on the other hand, an ethical approach.

We created the SixFoisSept project by writing Data For Good into its DNA. Our projects are driven by accurate data, fairness, transparency and good ethics. We do not use black-box testing. A proportion of our profits go towards good causes (for example, we have been making donations to cancer research charities for years, as well as helping fund schooling for underprivileged children through the ‘Freedom Through Education’ programme in Nepal).


SixFoisSept is a signatory to ‘The Hippocratic oath for Data Science