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We are the Smart data experts; from data management and big data architecture to data science and artificial intelligence algorithms. We know how to make our results accessible to users. For instance, our data visualization reports are generated by multifunctional teams composed of both data analysts and UX specialists, ensuring that our work is easily understood by all relevant users.

Furthermore, we prefer to avoid lengthy and unnecessary work. Regardless of whether we are procuring services or completing complex projects, we always propose that a minimum viable product approach be taken so that any hypotheses can be quickly validated.

Image Artificial Intelligence – Be Inspired

Artificial Intelligence – Be Inspired

Gain inspiration – from descriptive stats and analytics

We know how to analyse your data so as to extract the relevant information for your decision-making. We implement automated solutions that your users can configure and control. We also work fast, taking into account your specific environment.

We help you to understand your customers better, in particular, by enabling you to segment them into different, homogeneous groups.


Statistics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence: see further ahead

We can help you make high-quality decisions while limiting risk, based on conclusions that go beyond what you could read in your data independently.

We can assist you in forecasting future sales based on what’s happened in the past and on external events (sales, the weather etc).


We utilise the machine-learning algorithms that are best suited to your particular data and technical environment. We constantly test our solutions to avoid overfitting and the deployment of models that are not suited to your real-life data.

Data x predictive
Image Text Analytics – uncovering hidden meaning

Text Analytics – uncovering hidden meaning

We can run statistical analyses on any kind of text: in-house documents, emails, reports, technical memos, social networks, tweets, forums etc, in order to assist in the decision-making process:

Whether it’s real-time social media sentiment analysis or automatically classifying documents in line with complex semantic rules, we know how to use the latest AI algorithms to ensure that this unstructured data demonstrates its true potential as a decision support tool!


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Image Giving Data Visualization the credit it deserves

Giving Data Visualization the credit it deserves

Sometimes seen as the “poor relation” among data offerings, we have a heart to see data visualization given the credit and status it’s due. It’s very much the visible tip of the data iceberg and as such, data visualization can make sometimes complex information accessible to a wider audience, which in turn will help guide an organization’s decisions. 

We have developed a pragmatic, robust approach that delivers ‘quick wins’ by offering painstakingly-prepared business-focused reports. In addition, we frequently deploy a multi-functional team composed of business experts, data specialists and UX consultants.

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Image  Smart data systems architecture

Smart data systems architecture

We work with you to design the information systems you need. Our motto is ‘Think Big, Start Small’. Whether dealing with a traditional data warehouse or data mart-based architecture or a big data project including a data lake, we work pragmatically and are able to support your projects over the long term. Thanks to years of experience, we can design smart databases in a flexible way without excluding the possibilities offered by a conventional big data approach.
We are experts in 
integrating heterogeneous data sources. Extremely familiar with RESTful and other APIs, we’re also happy to make the most of open data as well. We know how to consolidate all this data within a unified, durable data repository. In fact, we’re a bit like the Mario Bros of data!

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