AI and DataScience Specialist

"Data has real worth"

Data changes the world.
We are convinced that it can help improve it by embodying
values ​​of ethics and transparency. SixFoisSept was born from this vision,
so that data can finally have its true value.

The SmartData approach by SixFoisSept

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Our job: DataScientists

As a company that specializes in Smart Data and artificial intelligence, SixFoisSept is developing a methodology adapted to the data assets of each project. This company values two fundamental things: technical expertise regarding the tools and methods of Data Science, and ethics.

SixFoisSept works with large-scale entities in the aviation, health and insurance industries.

Are you a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst? Are you interested in understanding the issues driving your profession?

Do you want to be involved in a global business project with a humanistic approach to data expertise? Do you appreciate a work environment that is as challenging as it is exciting?

Do you know how to share your knowledge with a broader audience?

We want to meet you!

Shared trust

Together we have analysed your results, collected thousands of pieces of information and used your data to advance our joint projects in the long term and enable you to make informed decisions.

Because an industrial adventure cannot happen without you,
here are some examples of partners.