The alliance of DataScience and territorial marketing to measure the attractiveness of territories in real time and facilitate the management of public policies in this area.
1232 EPCI analyzed
170 Indicators
40 Data sources
12 Updates per year

A tool serving regional appeal

Le Cadran meets several objectives:

  • Providing regional, innovative and real time observations with appeal statistics.
  • Helping to optimize decision-making for politicians and other public officials as well as the driving forces behind your local economy.
  • Implementation of a management dashboard in order to keep an eye on the evolution of appeal statistics, thus measuring their impact on local activity and communications.
  • Offering communication tools with personalized assessment and analysis features.

Le Cadran

Regional appeal monitoring allows municipal partnerships to grow and become more recognized.

Make it appealing and have it stay that way

Le Cadran : guaranteed real-time data

One of the Le Cadran’s flagship objectives revolves around three key words:


Le Cadran consolidates 40 official open data sources, all selected on the basis of integrity, reliability and consistency over time.


Stage support

1. Etablishing a regional appeal overview.

  • Regional dashboard access
  • One-year subscription to moderated data updates.


2. Gathering augmented analysis from the indicators used by these tools.

  • A complete analytical report for the project team.
  • Simplified infographics for publishing and sharing.


3. The creation of “Your true face” communication

  • A visual master copy for sharing the impactful appeal “snapshot”.
  • Developing communication tools to share these appeal stats.


Le Ciré Jaune

Discover the expertise of our partner Le Ciré Jaune, a marketing and communication consulting firm who co-created Le Cadran with us.

Discover Le Ciré Jaune