We have developed a Data Science tool for mapping risk in a transparent, professional manner. This tool is already in use in a number of sectors, from civil aviation to nuclear and industrial facilities.
Our approach is continuously updated, adapted to all types of organizations and without black boxes!

RBO by SixFoisSept

Semaphore Risk Monitoring offers the possibility of identifying the most at risk elements and, as a part of the process of Risk Based Oversight/Inspection, adjust the frequency of monitoring depending on the risk score.

When it comes to non-exhaustive monitoring, our Artificial Intelligence engines are used to define the representative sample of the population, taking the risk into account and subject to industry guidelines.

A Semaphore Risk Monitoring approach allows, in addition to the challenges of RBO / I, to obtain a consolidated view of risks and the mapping associated with it.

This unified vision of risk allows for:

– Dedicated, automatic triggering of the improvement process in the field of safety. This risk measure, calculated in a relative manner, provides our users with an ethical model.

– Accounting for inspections and monitoring programs with the authorities and users.

– A common safety measurement reference system and the ability to gauge the effects of corrective actions in real time.

– Surveillance programs built to focus on the most sensitive elements.

– Optimization of the resources allocated to surveillance and inspection.


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