Consulting and prototypes

We cover all the data expertise of a project, whether for Data Management and the quality of data flows, or DataScience with artificial intelligence algorithms. We also pay particular attention to the formatting and popularization of our work.

What is prototyping?

We’ll accompany you in your industrial and/or prototyping Data Science projects. Our teams work on developing Data Science solutions allowing for process approvals (POC, MVP, etc.) that can go into production. By design, scaling is always integrated into our applications.

Get the tools you need – with an architecture based on smart data systems

Together with you, we design the information systems of tomorrow with the motto “Think Big and Start Small”. Whether it is a classic architecture (DataWare/DataMart) or Big Data with a Datalake, our pragmatic approach guarantees the success of your projects. With our years of experience, we can design SmartData foundations that are not dogmatic, without opposing a standard vision to a Big Data vision.
We can also support you in the deployment of Data solutions in your traditional Information Systems (IS) or in a distributed environment.


IA / Machine Learning

We can help you make high-quality decisions while limiting risk, based on conclusions that go beyond what you could read in your data independently. 

We can assist you in forecasting future sales based on what’s happened in the past and on external events (sales, the weather etc).

Use cases: sales forecasts and inventory management, predictive maintenance in the industrial sector

We utilise the machine-learning algorithms that are best suited to your particular data and technical environment. 

We constantly test our solutions to avoid overfitting and the deployment of models that are not suited to your real-life data. 

Text Analytics

We can run statistical analyses on any kind of text: in-house documents, emails, reports, technical memos, social networks, forums… In doing so, we identify general trends and classify similar texts into groups.
Use case: looking for new IT trends within a forum, grouping together films that are similar based on their descriptions so as to set up a relevant search engine, and placing patients in different groups based on their medical histories.

When categorising documents, we can automatically store a document in a previously defined class.
Use case: redirecting emails to the correct department in line with the subject line, sorting medical imaging reports by subject (MRI scans, CAT-scans, mammograms…)

We analyze the emotions associated with a text: positive or negative.
Use case: identify the emotions clients express or experience in relation to a product, identify the general feeling/mood on social networks.

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Data Visualization

Sometimes seen as the “poor relation” among data offerings, we have a heart to see data visualization (DataViz for short) given the credit and status it deserves. It’s very much the visible tip of the data iceberg and as such, data visualization can make sometimes complex information accessible to a wider audience, which in turn will help guide an organisation’s decisions. We have opted for a methodology based on an analysis of our clients’ needs and on formatting our data visualizations in a user-friendly way. In addition, we frequently deploy a multi-functional team composed of business experts and data specialists.


Right at the start of our operations, we created a “data lab” to support our internal R&D activities. As we soon found that our data lab offers a comfortable environment for brainstorming and developing ideas, we decided to open it up to our partners and clients.

In this special setting dedicated to innovation and data, we can work with you on testing and prototyping the smart data solutions of the future.


Together we have grown and chosen to collect, analyze and use data to advance our common projects.

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