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Data has real worth



Data is changing the world


We strongly believe that it can help make the world a better place by epitomizing values such as ethical behaviour and transparency.


Six Fois Sept is the product of this vision. We strive for data’s true worth to finally be really appreciated.


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Image SixFoisSept’s approach to smart data

SixFoisSept’s approach to smart data

Consolidating knowledge within a unified evidence base

  • Experimenting with opportunities for automation
  • Harnessing data in order to tackle business-related challenges
  • Adopting a pragmatic and cyclical approach
  • Implementing a methodology tailored to your existing applications
The cycle in detail
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Take control of your data

With SixFoisSept, you’ll benefit from a robust, reliable scientific analysis of your data – the perfect starting point for better decision-making.

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It’s in our blood

As our lives are heavily influenced by data, every day we strive to ensure the analytical tools that we use are accurate and reliable, facilitating informed decision-making.


We have decided to use our skills and knowledge to help make a better world – as a result, ever since we started, Data 4 Good has been an integral part of who we are.


With this in mind, we have regularly supported cancer research projects, and, more recently, worked with local authorities to help them raise their profile.




Our core values
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Shared trust

We have made progress together and have collected, analyzed, enriched and enhanced data to help advance our shared goals in the long-term.

And as we all know that business ventures are nothing without you, here are some of our partners.

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You’re a multi-talented person

Maybe you’re a data scientist, engineer or steward, a Python or R developer, a data analyst, or even a horse fanatic and algorithmic transparency is one of your passions. Would you like to work to advance a corporate vision that combines data expertise and people-centred values? Are you looking for a working environment that’s both challenging and exciting? Do you know how to communicate your knowledge to the lay person?
If so, we’d like to meet you!

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