SEMAPHORE Risk Monitoring®:Valorize nuclear rex to achieve operational excellence

23 January 2024

SEMAPHORE Risk Monitoring® is the data science-based risk management solution.

Experience feedback is a mine of information in the nuclear sector, whether internal or external (inspection reports, pictures, audit reports…). Often under-exploited, experience feedback can be consolidated to extract relevant information from the past and thus aim for operational excellence.  This is what a tool like Sémaphore Risk Monitoring is all about.

For each manufacturing operation, past information is used to assess its level of risk.

Examples :

  • What proportion of past inspections on this operation led to the detection of a deviation?
  • How serious is this discrepancy?


The knowledge of nuclear experts completes the feedback. Some of specific characteristics of the manufacturing operation are considered riskier than others. Similarly, some of operations need to be prioritised because of their importance in the monitoring process or because non-compliance could lead to schedule delays. Our tool acts as a valuable decision-making aid, complementing business expertise and enabling to assess risks using a business and data-science approach.

By standardising and aggregating data, the risk of a manufacturing operation can be assessed. This risk measurement is then used to optimise the inspection plan: sampling criteria and resource constraints are applied by the algorithm, prioritising the riskiest manufacturing operations. The result is an inspection plan that is optimised for both business constraints and risk. This inspection plan, based on reliable measurements, can also be used to justify decisions to any supervisory authority.

This decision-support tool facilitates the task of defining the inspection plan by automating the integration of feedback, while leaving the user in control of his decisions. Moreover, it provides direct access to tangible statistics on monitoring progress and gap analysis. This makes it easier to justify monitoring programmes.

Finally, by capitalising on feedback as the equipment manufacturing process progresses, the manufacturer can be assessed on its ability to supply quality equipment. The concrete results of this assessment then feed into the discussions, to develop a common approach to operational excellence. Similarly, they can enrich a cyclical approach to continuous improvement by analysing the situation and assessing the results of the action plan.

Designed to manage the risks of non-compliance for nuclear equipment and optimise inspection programmes, SEMAPHORE Risk Monitoring® changes your feedback, inspections, and audit reports into information. It provides a complete monitoring from design to manufacture and maintenance of your nuclear facilities. The offer also adapts to regulatory changes.

For more information about SÉMAPHORE Risk Monitoring® visit our dedicated page 👉🏻 Sémaphore Risk Monitoring